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Since our inception we have been proud to help support a variety of projects in Native American communities.

Donors like you help provide the funding necessary to sustain these projects. 

How Can

You Help?

There are a variety of ways in which your donation makes a difference! When you make a tax-exempt donation towards SHC's mission, 100% of your funds will go directly towards helping Native American Communities & Culture and Community Outreach Projects.


Our services to youth have included school program assistance, meeting individual youth needs, and helping to strengthen youth organizational collaborations.


Elders within American Indian communities are often in need of support to meet their daily needs. We aim to offer emergency funding to meet such needs, as well as to help with community ceremonial preparations.

The Ancient Horse of the Americas has played a critical role in the history of many Native tribes. Currently, academia is evolving in this field. We aim to promote truthful historical narratives and support accurate presentation of these very special spiritual horses. 

Native American communities are geographically located throughout North and South America. Each of these tribes has a unique cultural way of life connected to their original lands.  Spirit Horse Connection aims to help take care of the needs that these communities may have that often go overlooked. This includes providing seasonal resources, home repairs needed due to harsh land environments, and assistance related to personal, family, and community health and wellness.

Living Assistance

Spirit Horse Connections



communities TOGETHER!



Watch our Spiritual Advisor Basil Braveheart and others tell their stories about Native American boarding schools. 

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