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Serving Native American Communities

Mission Statement:

Spirit Horse Connection (SHC) promotes the healing of people and communities and supports Native American cultures and spirituality by spreading God’s truth via the ancient spirit horse, prayer and aiding in community outreach and projects.

Take a look at some of the projects we have been able to support with the help of generous donors, such as yourself!

Ceremony House Emergency Funds

An elder on Pine Ridge suffered a devastating amount of damage to his beloved ceremony house due to flooding in April of 2023.  He holds ceremonies for the community and hosts guests in this sacred space. 

Ceremony is at the center of Lakota culture and spirituality.  It is very important that his ceremony house is restored.

Please consider donating to the restoration of his ceremony house, which will need to be entirely rebuilt.

For Pine Ridge
Covid 19

Covid-19 has had a disproportionately devastating impact across the nation's Native American reservations, particularly on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  There is a housing shortage, and extended families are sometimes living together in crowded conditions.  Food commodities have been reduced in recent years, and now grocery prices are going up.  Because of the poverty and trauma of colonization, there are many preexisting conditions among the people.  Tragically, many are dying of Covid-19 and many more are at risk of freezing to death - especially elders.

Spirit Horse Connection is working with the Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center and Sacred Way Sanctuary to provide sandwiches, diapers, masks, and support other basic needs, along with cash assistance with energy bills. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation here to support these efforts.

We are also accepting blanket donations for Pine Ridge.  Please send blankets directly to Spirit Horse Connection, or contact us for pick up in Metro Detroit or Greater Phoenix areas.

Basketball Players Listening to Coach
Serving Children, Elders, and Families

We regularly receive requests from our contacts in Native America on behalf of elders, parents, and families in need of emergency relief. These requests come for those in need of funds for gasoline, firewood, propane, funeral services, home repair, school expenses, and many other needs.


If you are interested in donating toward these needs, we are accepting donations for this on a regular basis. Simply indicate on your check where you wish for these funds to go, and we will ensure that they get to the right individual or family in need.


In late summer of 2018, storms and tornadoes whipped through the Oglala community on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. More than 450 homes were severely damaged by this natural disaster.

FEMA denied the Oglala Sioux Tribe Emergency Disaster Funds, leaving hundreds of elderly people, families, and small children facing the winter months with broken windows, holes in their walls and ceilings, and the very real possibility of freezing to death.

With help from donors like you, emergency funds were raised to seal the broken windows for each of the roughly 450 homes affected by this storm.

For updated information on how your donations went to work, please visit:…/emergency-disaster-fund-4-pineri…

THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about this effort, and for helping smash this funding goal.


Any donations received through Spirit Horse Connection for this effort were donated to Sacred Healing Circle, the lead non-profit of this effort. 


For centuries, history has claimed that there were no horses in the Americas before the arrival of Europeans. Contrary to this claim, many Native Nations were living in harmony and close connection with their 4-legged horse relatives well before the arrival of those from overseas. 

In 2014, our founders, Karen and Chris Quinn, were gifted 4 of these special medicine horses from Basil Braveheart, Lakota elder and keeper of traditional Lakota knowledge.


These horses have strong healing capacity and can help with a variety of physical and spiritual ailments. This differs from standard Equine Assisted Therapy in that it includes prayer and ritual.   

To learn more about the Ancient Horse of the Americas, please visit:

Any donations received through Spirit Horse Connection for this effort will go directly toward the care and maintenance of these very special companions.

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